The one about Airmail Christmas 2016…

From The Koala Tree

Four years ago my friend Rebecca met a lady called ‚Robin‘ who wanted her Christmas wish fulfilled by sending a card to a complete stranger. It was her way of trying to spread Christmas cheer around the world before she passed away. That first year, Rebecca asked myself and our friend Holly to help make that happen. Since then we havehonoured Mama MB, Anna Basso and Kylie Myers. This year the idea is the same. but with a difference.


This year Airmail Christmas wants to honour life, and specifically organ donation. Recently ourfriend Holly, who Rebecca and I met through blogging, had her life saved by receiving a new kidney. It was a wonderful day when we received the message from Holly that her call had finally come. Holly had to wait for her new organ, like so many people awaiting transplants on the register. The sad fact is many…

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